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Spray Hate Pepper Spray - "It's like Bug-Spray, but for Nazis"

Spray Hate Pepper Spray - "It's like Bug-Spray, but for Nazis"

$ 19
** It's like bug-spray but for Nazis **
Now is the time to #resist.
With Nazis and White Supremacists groups gaining more power than ever,
 it has never been more important to stand with vulnerable minority groups.
Spray Hate is a devastatingly high powered pepper spray to be used for self-defense in the fight against evil. Spray Hate can be used indoors or outdoors and is formulated to target only your attacker without affecting innocent bystanders. This pepper spray also comes in a durable plastic case with a safety lock to prevent discharge, and a convenient quick-release key ring makes the product easily accessible. The amount of Major Capsaicinoids in  Spray-Hate differentiates it from other brands available. Only these chemicals produce the heat and pain that attackers feel when sprayed. Spray Hate is one of the strongest and most effective ways to stand up to hate.
Only use Spray-Hate for Self Defense.
The best way to protect others including vulnerable minorities is to similarly arm them. Attacking your enemy unprovoked will fuel the media's attack on our pursuit of equality, and will give the police even more of an excuse to oppress you.
DO NOT use Spray-Hate for any reason outside of self defense or similarly arming members of your group and allies.
** Must be 21+ to order. **

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